November 28, 2005

William H. Macy, hispanic?

COYOACÁN, Mexico — Yesterday, I went to see Frida Kahlo's house, which has been turned into a museum. In her studio hangs a picture of her father, Guillermo Kahlo.

I haven't seen the film Frida, so I'm not really in a position to criticize the casting.

But I'm certain that William H. Macy should have played the part of Guillermo.


Grand Marnier said...

OMIGOD--you are totally right. I saw the movie, but I have no recollection as to who played that part. I assume that it was not a gringo, however.

Mike B. said...

Actually, it was a gringo. British actor Roger Rees (yes, I looked it up). Best known, to me at least, as the charming, and always drinking, British ambassador on the West Wing.

Josh said...

He was also Robin Colcorde, on Cheers -- Rebecca's love interest.