January 19, 2006

Love Monkey junkie

Twice during the pilot episode of Love Monkey, a new hour-long show on CBS, they played a song by Badly Drawn Boy from the soundtrack to About A Boy. I found that interesting for a couple reasons:

  • It strikes me as unusual to use a song that was created expressly for another project.

  • As long as Love Monkey is ripping off songs tailored to Nick Hornby novels, it ought to be using something from High Fidelity (even though that film didn't have proprietary music). After all, Love Monkey seems like a cross between High Fidelity and the TV show Ed.

    Meanwhile, Jason Priestly looks very short on this show. Somehow I never noticed this before. Perhaps the 90210 cast is short as well?

    Mike B. said...

    Well, I'm sure Beethoven didn't think "Ode to Joy" would be used in Die Hard and countless other movies. But, if CBS wants to pony up the licensing fee, I'm sure Damon Gough won't mind his music being used elsewhere.

    SAL said...

    he DID look short!! I noticed that too. And old.