January 13, 2006

Remember when 2-second skip protection was impressive?

When I went shopping for a walkman the other day, I came across a discman selling for $9.99.

It's outdated technology, of course. Why walk around with a clunky discman and limit yourself to one CD when you can use an iPod and listen to your whole collection?

Still, that's a pretty good price for a formerly elite item that used to cost $129.

Can you think of other items that have fallen that far in price over the last 10 years?


Tom said...

DVD players. VCRs. Jeremy's Iron?

dl004d said...

My family was the first on our block to have a VCR. We probably paid over $400 for it. VCRs are cheap these days, but I haven't seen one for $9.99.

Tom said...

No, but you never saw a Discman for $400 either. $10/$120 is 1/12 of the original price. $40/$400 is 1/10 the original price. Comparable, though it took longer.