February 20, 2006

It's amazing what you can learn by looking at a map

It has come to my attention that the Baltic Sea state surrounded by Lithuania and Poland is actually a non-contiguous exclave of Russia.

It is called Kaliningrad Oblast.

Who knew?


bdgrinmifl said...

I believe it's Estonia, and Kallingrad is actually Tallinn, the Capital of Estonia and a very neat place to see. We were there last August and it was one of the best ports of call on our cruise and the "Old Town" is really cool. Russia encourage Russians to emigrate to Estonia and I believe there are 35% of the population or so that are Russian, which makes for some awkward political and social activity

bdgrinmifl said...

my bad. it's not estonia. But, hey, Estonia was cool.

dl004d said...

No problem. But that's why I was so surprised to learn that Kaliningrad isn't a seperate country. It doesn't seem to make sense.

Anonymous said...

Kaliningrad was/is an important port--it used to be a closed Soviet city because they based their Baltic naval fleet there. They smartly held on to the city tightly after running out the Germans in WWII. - CR