June 08, 2006

Cup of the world

Given how interested I was in what Danish people call Danish pastries, it seems obvious that I'd be interested in what other countries call the World Cup.

In 1994, I watched the games from Spain, where they call the event Copa Mundial or Los Mundiales. (I perfered the latter, since I equated it as being like saying "The Worldsies" or "The Worldwides")

In 1998, I found myself in the host country of France, where they call it La Coupe du Monde. I didn't make it to any games while I was there. In fact, I spent most of my time visiting cities that weren't hosting games so that it was possible to find a place to sleep that wasn't booked up.

In 2002, the games were in South Korea & Japan. I watched many of the games on TV in my living room with Josh, usually at 3 a.m., while Marnie slept in the next room.

This year, the games are in Germany, where the people call the event Die Weltmeisterschaft.

To JQB, who heads to Germany tomorrow: I hope you can find a way to see some Weltmeisterschaft.