September 10, 2006

Burn, baby, burn

Perhaps because I'm afflicted by the Kaye Effect, I have trouble dropping gnocchi (or tortellini or ravioli) into a pot of boiling water without significant splash-back. Is there a way to avoid this?

It's impossible to place the gnocchi into the pot gently, since the water is 212° Fahrenheit. Thus, it must be dropped. And therein lies the problem of the splash-back — gnocchi is heavy and the splash-back is forceful and painful.
Is it possible to cook gnocchi without significant splash-back?
Nope. You pretty much run the risk of 2nd-degree burns each time you cook it.
Yes. (If you choose this, explain your answer in the comment field.)
I have no idea. How do you keep coming up with the stupidest things to worry about?


Anonymous said...

Stop the scalding this way: load up a single layer of gnocchi on a big slotted spoon (preferably nylon) and lower the spoon into the water. The gnocchi will float off or will go into the water with a gentle shake of the spoon (if too sticky, add a light coating of nonstick spray on the spoon first). Repeat as needed. - CR

Josh said...

Post the recipe.

Tracy said...

Yes, it's all about the slotted spoon, or a small, hand-held strainer... This can cause problems if you are making a large amount of gnocchi since it cooks so quickly. (You might have some well done while others that were "spooned in" a few minutes later are just barely cooked...) but there's no other option for someone that doesn't appreciate that: 1)food = love, 2)cooking food = loving, and 3) well, plainly- sometimes love hurts... Remember: It is better to have multiple, tiny, scald-marks than to never have loved at all.

SAL said...

I was going to say ladle but a slotted spoon is probably better. or just hold a cookie sheet in front of your face as you do it.

Anonymous said...

spoon. Use one.

dl004d said...

The problem with using a slotted spoon is that it takes too damn long. The gnocchi are supposed to cook for only two minutes, meaning the first spoonfuls are fully cooked by the time I'm getting around to putting in the last spoonfuls.

And holding a cookie sheet in front of my face makes no sense at all. It's my hands that were getting burned, not my face.

Tracy said...

You sound so whiny in this last comment... I would shove the bully to the ground to get him/her to stop picking on you, if only the bully wasn't a pile of uncooked gnocchi!!! If you must shield yourself, How about a pot holder in one hand, and a lid in the other?!? Then your precious, pale, fragile hands will be protected from splatter, and you can hide your face behind there as well... I hope you will also be wearing bug spray in case any tiny insects attempt to harm/bite you while you are performing this extraordinarily dangerous cooking maneuver!

Men are so adorable. Ever had your eyebrows plucked, son?

I'm just playin' -you are a funny little dude!