November 08, 2006

Goodnight Springdon

After arriving with Marnie & me into National Airport last month, the Ham pointed to a map of the airport terminal that included an arrow pointing to "Abingdon Plantation."

Granted, National Airport's Terminal A is pretty antiquated, but I was surprised to learn that the airport dates back to colonial days.

On Sunday, with an hour to kill while I waited for my bag to arrive from a separate flight, I toured the Abington site.

Somewhere in between Parking Garage A and Parking Garage B, Captain John Alexander (for whom the city Alexandria is named) built a home called Abingdon in 1746. George Washington's stepson John Parke Custis bought Abingdon in 1778, and the site was the birthplace of Washington's granddaughter .

The plantation burned to the ground in 1930.


WFY said...

There will be no encore.

I have lived here for a very long time and never knew about the Abingdon site until now. I'll have walk over there and check it out.

lal said...

very interesting. kudos on the follow through---definitely a must see on my next trip todc.