November 13, 2006

An Old Testament-style win

Photo by Joe Koshollek, printed without permission.

College football has a plethora of stupid little trinkets that serve as trophies for various rivalries. Wisconsin and Minnesota play for the Paul Bunyan Axe, for instance. Michigan and Minnesota play for the Little Brown Jug.

Anyway, some idiot decided in 2004 to have Wisconsin and Iowa start playing for the Heartland Trophy. Wisconsin won this thing over the weekend and carried it off the field at Kinnick Stadium.

Now, I'm no biblical scholar. But didn't we learn a lesson in Exodus about not putting too much value in a golden calf?

At least they didn't make this thing out of the earrings of Iowans and Wisconsinites.

(That we know of.)


Mike B. said...

Does this mean neither team can win a national championship for 40 years?

Joshua said...

No. But it does mean -- by calling it "The Heartland Trophy" -- that people in Wisconsin and Iowa think they are better than us immoral people on the coasts.

WFY said...

It's no Land Grant Trophy

Joshua said...

From Wikipedia:

Land-grant universities are not to be confused with Sea Grant Colleges (a program instituted in 1966), Space Grant Colleges (instituted in 1988) or Sun Grant Colleges (instituted in 2003).

Emphasis added.

storminspank said...

Well, at least Wisconsin gets it for the first time.

Iowa is ugly this year.

Anonymous said...

Makes you long for the good ol' days of the Slab of Bacon.