December 29, 2006

Best sourdough in town

MADISON, Wis. — I've had many fond memories at Paisan's Italian Restaurant over the years, including my first date with Marnie (sort of).

The restaurant was torn down last year and relocated recently along Lake Monona.

It has the same menu and decor, but it is no longer in a great location to catch a bite before a game at the Kohl Center. Still, its added distance from the Kohl Center hasn't stopped people (including my family) from trying.

The wait for a table at 5 p.m. was 45 minutes!

(Insert retirement community joke here)


SJB said...

We tried to grab a table at 6 last weekend (also a basketball night) and the wait was an hour and a half! We went to the Weary Traveller instead, though it was no substitute for Paisan's.

lal said...

i've never really understood the attraction of paisan's but it's clear that it has a great attraction for many other people. i also was the one who said michael's custard would never last.

dl004d said...

Perhaps you didn't have the sourdough bread. Or the shells with cheese sauce. Or the manicotti. Or the thin-crust pizza.

SJB said...

Or the porta salad, or the pitcher of Sprecher's, or the Garabaldi sandwich, or the pickles! (and the sourdough bread, natch)