March 28, 2007

I wonder if Subaru means rice too

At the U.S. Botanical Garden yesterday, I learned that Toyota means bountiful rice and Honda means main rice field.

Interestingly, the Japanese word for rice is gohan.

I can tell this is not a language I would excel at learning.

(Unless every word means rice.)


lal said...

the "da" part of both names means rice field---so it's toyo-da and hon-da.

so not as complicated as you thought.

dl004d said...

Thanks. So is "gohan" not the Japanese word for rice, then?

Josh said...

Agreeable Russians must have a hard time making themselves understood in Japan.

Also, that weird "Da-da-da" song in the Subaru commercials a few years back ...

And don't get me started on Marcel Duchamp.

lal said...

rice is a VERRRY important part of japanese culture. there are a number of words in japanese for different forms of rice ( a la eskimos having words for different forms of snow and ice).
gohan is the word for cooked rice.

Anonymous said...

Subaru is the Japanese word for the constellation Pleiades or the Seven Sisters... just check out the Subaru logo!