April 05, 2007

A woman after my own heart

(Photo by Flickr user edwardaggie98.)

I once accidentally dropped my only set of car keys down an elevator shaft.

I was leaving my college dorm building to go home for the summer. SKBK had driven across the country to pick me up, and I was on my way downstairs with the last box of stuff to load into my car. Which, by the way, was parked illegally just outside.

That was not a fun day.

Since that incident, I have been careful while stepping out of elevators. And I often look down to examine the gap — to this day, it still amazes me that my giant key chain was able to fit down that shaft.

This week, Marnie made an even more unlikely gaffe:

After boarding a Metro train, she attempted to put her Smartrip card in her jacket pocket. Instead, she dropped it in such a way that it wedged itself between the wall paneling and the window. Attempts to retrieve it only pushed it further out of reach.