June 21, 2007

From Maine to San Diego

Photos by Marnie

Now that Enchanted Pants and Gray Pages have paved the way, let me bore you with tales from the softball diamond.

Jason invited me to play with his team the other day and put Marnie in charge of playing the at-bat music for each player. Stepping to the plate while "Axel F" blared in the background psyched me up so much that I popped up to third base.

I finished 2-for-4 and scored twice.


Mike B. said...

For some reason I would have figured you for a Color Me Badd fan for your at bats.

jessica said...

I am one of the star players for this team. I have no idea how this happened.I rarely make an out, although I also pretty much only hit singles. I have an OPS of about 1.800 on the year, which is good but not great in softball.

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