August 25, 2007

Most earth-shattering awards show ever

The 2007 MTV Video Music Awards will be held at the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in a couple weeks. I'll be in town that day, but since Eric refuses to get me tickets, I'll probably be spending the event pressed up against the theater door trying to listen to the announcement of who won the award for Best Rock Video. Wait, they don't issue that one anymore. Best Rap Video? They don't give that one out either.

Instead, here are three awards to be presented at this year's event: Most Earth-Shattering Collaboration, Quadruple Threat Of The Year and Monster Single Of The Year.


ed002d said...

You realize that just going to the awards show doesn't make you famous, right?

I'll try to get tix, but only if we take the bus to the awards ...

Matt said...

In all fairness, they do give out "best video" (found out by accidentally clicking link when trying to drag mouse to close RSS reader).