August 30, 2007

T minus two hours

The Big Ten Network might suck. At the moment, for instance, it is stuck playing fight songs from the conference's 11 schools on a loop as it prepares to launch.

Soon, it will have real programing.

Until then, Marnie & I are going to go out and enjoy the earth's last two hours of life before the Big Ten Network.
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WFY said...

So, how has your life changed since Big11Ten Network arrived?

How were the last two hours prior to the arrival?

There are a lot of grumpy Nittany Lions fans this weekend because of this network.

dl004d said...

But there are a lot of happy sports bars and happy DirecTV account managers.

ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC are broadcasting the same number of Big Ten games. The Big Ten Network is only showing games that weren't on national TV at all in the past.

Anyway, we went for a walk and checked out the new West Elm store by our house. Life will never be the same.

WFY said...

It isn't an accident that DirecTV is happy about this because about half of BTN is owned by News Corp which also owns DirecTV. I'm mad at the Big11Ten for getting in bed with Rupert Murdoch.

dl004d said...

Last year, News Corp. sold its share of DirecTV to Liberty Media.

BTN is not in bed with Murdoch.

WFY said...

I stand corrected.

Josh said...

Why isn't the Happy Valley happy about this?

WFY said...

Tomorrow's game is televised on BTN and the major cable systems in Happy Valley and the rest of the commonwealth have not picked up the channel. Basically, it is your typical cable pissing contest.

Josh said...

Ironically, an actual pissing contest would get pretty good ratings.