March 31, 2008

Inside the Newseum

As a "special friend" of the Newseum (thank you, WFY), I spent five hours this weekend touring the facility and its many exhibits.

It's a fantastic museum of news, one that lives up to its billing as the World's Most Interactive Museum.

Plus, the news crawl on the giant TV in the atrium is not in all-caps — a practice I despise.

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Josh said...

The signs on the GW Parkway are in a serif font. Just thought it was time to chime in.

WFY said...

The new GW Parkway signs are pretty bad and worse than the previous ones.

Highways maintained by the National Park Service have used serif signs for a long time. The B/W Parkway ones aren't too bad though, at least they get the shields right.

dl004d: You are welcome, it was fun.