May 28, 2008

Hope Diamond on the loose?

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. — If you want to covertly tell someone there's something on their chin to be brushed off, you simply make eye contact with the person and then brush off your own chin. Everyone knows this.

So when I saw Marnie make eye contact with me the other day and point to her ring, I immediately figured there was something wrong with my wedding ring. I checked. It was there (what else is there to check?), so I looked back at Marnie, who was still motioning toward her ring.

Then I noticed the woman sitting next to Marnie (we were on the Hertz shuttle bus at the time), who had the biggest diamond ring I've ever seen.

On the sly, I pulled out my phone and took a picture while "dialing" someone. As you can see, my photo didn't really turn out. Still, this was a big diamond.

I wonder what she was doing on a car rental shuttle bus — a woman with a diamond like that can afford a car service, right? Or maybe she can afford the ring because she gets around via shuttle bus.
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axelrod said...

Maybe she's a cat burglar and it was the world's largest cubic zirconia.

I can't figure out how to turn off the stupid fake "shutter" sound effect on my blackberry. It would make covert photos like this...awkward.

SJB said...

She could probably afford to fly out of Logan, too, but this just proves even the most posh of us are doomed to suffer through either BDL's dreaded Terminal B or its miserable bagel service in Terminal A.

SJB said...

er... poshest? (school's out -- I am no longer expected to bring the grammar)

Grand Marnier said...

That was definitely a real diamond--she was dressed to the 9's in designer clothes and accessories.

I can't believe that I just wrote "to the 9's." Wow.

Andy said...

Looking at that photo, it's no wonder you were rejected for that job with the CIA.

dl004d said...

Thanks for the reminder to keep this photo out of my portfolio.