December 18, 2008

Ever wonder how Dick Vitale 'writes' his columns?

Dick Vitale has a regular column in USA Today during the college basketball season. He also writes for and for his own site,

When I've seen his byline, I'm always curious whether he's actually writing his own columns. Not that they are journalistic masterpieces, but I find it hard to believe that he's much of a writer. I just can't picture him sitting down and putting these columns together.

On Tuesday's "Mike & Mike In The Morning" radio show, Vitale settled this debate:
I'm no Mike Lupica. I'm no John Feinstein. I can't bang out the words like they can. But I can talk. And when I talk to my guys, they convert it. And they put it to a column.
So there we go. He talks to "his guys," and they convert it into a written article. Mystery solved.