September 30, 2009

Top cable channels

The graphic above shows the top 10 most popular cable channels in America. Two things jumped out at me:
  • There's only one news channel in the top 10 and it's Fox News. CNN did not make the cut.
  • The SciFi channel is now evidently called SyFy. Why? Does the "Fy" stand for fyction? Actually, it tuns out there's a complicated answer that ended up boring me and wishing I had never asked.


Chameleon Man said...

It's quite generous to call Fox News a "news channel". I think a more accurate term would be a "shouting channel" as that seems to be the majority of the content. Not that CNN and MSNBC are much better in this department. CNN is more of a "twitter reading channel" and MSNBC appears to be the "sarcasm channel".

SJB said...

OK, "Nick at Night," but I think you're just trying to inch your way up from #6.

Chameleon Man said...

I think you have me confused with someone else. I'm "Nick during the day".