April 30, 2010

MLB tweets

Major League Baseball has reportedly ordered its MLB.com writers to cease tweeting about all non-baseball topics.1

Ready for me to blow your mind? I agree with this order. (Sort of.)

MLB.com has a live-streaming Twitter display on its homepage that aggregates the latest tweets from its writers. The display shows two tweets at a time and doesn't provide much value for baseball fans coming to MLB.com if they're both about, say, the latest episode of "Lost."

People who oppose this new rule presumably see Twitter as a medium for frivolous chatter (and certainly there's a place for that - I should know), although that's more a commentary on the people creating the content than the medium itself. After all, we wouldn't blame the telephone itself if we learned that most phone conversations were full of useless observations and poor grammar.

As a result of MLB's new tweeting rules, many writers have created separate Twitter account for their personal musings. That's the right way to go. Showing some personality with a few off-topic observations is fine. But how many is "a few"? MLB is making the right call by setting regulations for its writers - my only complaint is that the baseball talk should be set at 90 percent rather than 100 percent.

1This guy thinks the baseball-only rules should apply to TV as well as Twitter.

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