November 08, 2007

Burying the lede

During yesterday's "Mike & Mike" radio show, hosts Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic discussed steroid use. Golic was a defensive lineman for Notre Dame, the Houston Oilers, Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins.

Greenberg: You were a player in the National Football League for nine years.
Golic: Yep.
Greenberg: And you were clean. You didn't use steroids.
Golic: No, no. I did try steroids. For about six weeks in an off-season. Yeah. When I had blown my shoulder out. I actually didn't do it for six weeks. I did it for a few weeks and stopped because it had kind of a bad effect as I was lifting.
Greenberg: Okay. Let's say for the sake of this discussion you did not.

Uh, Golic used steroids? Did we know this? Did he have a legal prescription or did he just admit to breaking the Federal Anabolic Steroid Control Act? And what was the "bad effect" that the drugs did to him? Unfortunately, Greenberg, a newsman who also hosts ESPN SportsCenter, did not pursue this line of questioning on his co-host.


yerfatma said...

"Excuse me, but your dramatic personal revelation is getting in the way of my point."

Dex said...

this sounds like a pro wrestler excuse.

"suuuuure i used steroids, but only when they were legal, prescribed, and even then i only did them for like two days because i hated getting stronger and recovering quicker!"

kone said...

Pizza, burgers, steroids, POT ROAST!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure he's admitted to this before also, hence why its not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

I was listening when he said this and I thought, "WOAH! WHAT?" I don't get how he has been on the radio for 3 hours a day for the better part of the last 6-8 years and hasn't said this before.

Whatever the case, I hope he revisits the subject in the future. There aren't enough people out there being honest about this subject.

Anonymous said...

Is lede an actual word? It's not in the dictionary.

dl004d said...

In journalism, it is spelled both ways: "lede" and "lead."

Greg. C said...

There is nothing inherently "wrong" with using steroids, and they have been pretty commonplace in sports for a long time.

Golic mostly played in the 80s, when possession/use of steroids was not part of the COntrolled Substances Act. I didn't hear exactly when he took them, nor do you mention it. So I suppose at the very end of his career they may he been scheduled.

Football players have used steroids for a long time. EVERY champion bodybuilder and most "wrestlers" in recent history have used them. I understand if you dont consider those "sports" though.

Until Lyle Azado's ( unproven) "steroids killed me" propaganda, amost no one cared. Since that time and all the fake outrage over "tainted" records in other sports it has evolved into the most sick type of PC political propaganda "what about THE CHILDREN" campaigns. Most normal ( read: intelligent, rational) people don't buy the "steroids kill and are killing our children" stuff and don't care if some 300lb football player took them in the 80s.

And anyone who didnt KNOW or at least suspect this is commonplace is either a big f-ing idiot or very naive ( take your pick).

Anonymous said...

So... we'll mark you down as "Pro-steroid use".


Josh said...

Oh! He pulled his arms off! He's pulled his arms off, that's gotta be disappointing to the big Russian!

WFY said...

Even better