March 05, 2008

Plug, plug, plug

Until March 10, you can download Ana Laan's song "Paradise" for free from iTunes. This track, along with the rest of the album "Chocolate and Roses," was produced by Leo Sidran, a friend of this site.1

Anyway, you'll become more familiar with the song (that is, those of you without DVRs) next week when it will be featured in the new "Dove Bold" commercial campaign.

Here's how iTunes describes the song: Ana Laan's sweet, sublime voice spins gentle melodies in both Spanish and English. The track's rhythm has a light bossa-nova, '60s bachelor pad-esque stylishness, but Laan's cooing vocal turn is the true highlight.

Click here to download for free on iTunes.

1Sort of. He doesn't really read this site. I guess he's too busy eating egg cream and writing commencement addresses.


leo Sidran said...

I'm reading now!