March 23, 2010

Palm trees in center field are encouraged but not required

SARASOTA, Fla. — Okay, so I've only been to one spring training baseball game in my entire life and am hardly an expert. But I wish the regular season was more like the game I attended.

For one thing, the full Major League Baseball season should be played in rinky-dink ballparks like Ed Smith Stadium, capacity 7,500.1 It was jam-packed, which made for a fun atmosphere. Plus, it means most everyone has a good seat. My new criteria for good seats is having dirt get in your eyes when they rake the infield between innings.

I also came away impressed with the stadium staff. At every turn, ushers were thanking me for coming and asking if they'd see me at the next game. Do they do that at regular season games? (If so, not the games I've attended.)
1There are a handful of teams that regularly sell out their giant stadiums — I suppose they're exempted.

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